Benefits of vacuum sealer: vacuum packing food at home


Vacuum packaging is a way of storing food with the complete removal of air from the plastic bag or food container. In the past, vacuum packaging has been popular for food storage and transportation by supermarkets and food manufacturers to better preserve quality. The trend of the last few years is vacuum packing food at home. Special devices called vacuum sealers are aiding the process. What is vacuum packing? Why use a vacuum sealer? What are the benefits of vacuum sealers? Check out the top-7 reasons to vacuum packing your food at home.

1. Saving of food quality for a long time

There is no oxygen in a vacuum, which means there is no oxidation. The shelf life of chilled meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, cheese, as well as herbs, mushrooms, coffee beans in vacuum packaging can be increased by 3-4 times compared to other methods of food storage.

It all depends on the type of food. For example, vacuum-packed chilled meat or fish will be stored for 4-5 days, and not one day as usual without such packaging, coffee grains – for months. For long-term storage, it is recommended to vacuum fresh food.

Bacteria cannot grow in the absence of oxygen. Removing air from the packaging literally “blocks oxygen” for bacteria. So the ingredients in a vacuum retain their useful qualities for a long time.

As always, the temperature regime for storing food must be observed. While removing air during vacuuming prolongs the shelf life,  the storage rules still should be followed.

2. Sous vide cooking

A vacuum sealer is indispensable for customers who prefer sous vide cooking techniques in the process of long-term cooking of vacuumized products at low temperatures.

This technique came to home kitchens from restaurants, and with the advent of special devices on the market, it is becoming increasingly popular. Dishes prepared using this technology are distinguished by their exquisite taste and tenderness.  Importantly, they can be completely unsalted, even meat, but the ready meal will still be delicious.

For sous vide cooking, you need to pack the ingredients in a plastic bag and remove air with a vacuum sealer. Next step, the ingredients are cooked in water at temperatures from 20 to 95 °C.

3. Correct freezing

Vacuum-packed not only what is stored in the refrigerator, but also what is intended for freezing. The vacuuming helps  to prevent “burns” of the surfaces of products (steaks of meat or fish, for example) during repeated freezing. It also allows users to go through the stage of crystallization correctly without loss of juices, when ice crystals formed in products at a temperature of -2-4 °C break the structure. Sealed food stored in vacuum packs in a freezer  retain their structure and color when defrosted.

4. Taste and aroma

Vacuum packaging protects from odors, water. Vacuumed food will not lose texture when stored in low temperature storage. Aroma is the reason many people vacuum seal coffee, tea, and spices. This is convenient if you buy coffee or tea in economic large packages: you will not be able to store a kilogram of tea in a large bag that constantly opens and closes, it is more convenient to arrange it in 100-gram bags.

Also, thanks to the preservation of tastes and smells, such devices quickly marinate meat. Just put the meat, spices and marinade in a vacuum bag, pump out the air and seal it – the meat will be marinated in minutes.

5. Portion serving

Vacuuming is a great way not only to store, but also to serve food in portions and sets for preparing different dishes. For example, after shopping, you can spend some time cutting vegetables for soup, vegetable stew, salad, stuffing or side dishes, preparing steaks for baking, arranging everything in vacuum bags and not spending time preparing food before cooking.

When you need to cook something, you can simply open the vacuum packaging, add the ingredients to the pan, to the slow cooker or to the grill, turn it on and after a while you get the ready dish. This way users can plan the menu for the week, which is very comfortable and recommended for those who want to keep to a healthy diet regularly.

6. Storage space optimization

Due to the removal of air, the packaging with the product takes up less space. Packages and containers completely take up all the space allotted to them. Exact portions prepared in advance optimize space in your refrigerator. Order and cleanliness is an added benefit of using a vacuum sealer.

7. Homemade takeaway

Bacterial processes in products occur very quickly if the surface is in contact with oxygen or is in a bag with high humidity inside. The lack of air prevents this, so you can safely take a snack with you with vacuum packaging. Packing food in an oxygen-removal container is handy when you’re taking food with you to a picnic or to grab a bite to eat at work.

How to choose the best vacuum sealer

All vacuum sealers have common construction. This is a compact device equipped with an air pump and a heating element for sealing the bag.

During operation, the vacuum pump removes air from the box in which the edge of the bag is placed, after which the heating element turns on for a few seconds, forming a seam on the bag and sealing it.

The difference between models is in the presence of special programs that allow you to work more precisely with different types of products, as well as in the design features of the device.

Any, even the simplest vacuum sealer has two buttons – for evacuating air and for sealing the bag. More advanced models have special modes for different types of products. What else can a vacuum sealer do?

For example, some vacuum sealers have additional functionality that allow you to work with special vacuum containers, vacuum bottle caps, as well as reusable bags equipped with a special valve.

The AENO brand offers several models of vacuum sealers at once: a simpler one and a device with automatic programs. Devices produce vacuum packaging in a matter of moments up to 10 seconds. By the way, in addition to removing air from containers with one of the AENO models, you can preserve the taste of wine in an open bottle. The sealing of the bottles is ensured by the included adapter hose with which you can keep the rest of the wine or other drinks fresh in the bottle.

For modern customers, not only functionality is important, but also stylish design. In this regard, you can also be sure of the AENO brand. The design of AENO vacuum sealers will make them a stylish addition to any kitchen.

Choosing a vacuum sealer today is not particularly difficult. There are many models on the market that allow you to easily choose the most suitable device in terms of price and quality. The main principle to keep in mind when choosing a vacuum sealer is quite simple: the more often you plan to use the device, the more you should consider multifunctional models. Prolong the preservation of the taste and aroma of food and wine in your house with a vacuum sealer! You can get more information about AENO vacuum sealers on the official website at the link:

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