Humidifier or air purifier: difference between air purifier and humidifier


Air to breathe is so essential, but we barely notice it, our presence is taken away by electronic gadgets. The irony of it is that those very gadgets are responsible for poor indoor air quality.

But the gadgets also become our savior. Those are specific gadgets, the ones many people don’t know about are called a humidifier and the purifier.

Imagine that early spring morning, you open up the window, and the flow of fresh air is rushing into the room, feeling you with pleasant chill and happiness.

A sweet couple of devices, one takes away the harmful particles, another gives us the precious gift of water that is essential to human life.

Everything that we think of young, beautiful, and healthy – skin, fruit, trees and grass – are looking healthy because of the purity and water.

There is something calming in the quiet work of the humidifier, breathing fumes into the air, that reminds us of clouds over the mountain lake – so fragile, gentle and beautiful.

We feel grateful for this little cool device – we can not walk on clouds, but after all, at the very least, we can breathe them in easily.

What is the difference between air purifier and humidifier?

The above gadgets enhance the quality of the air, but in different ways. They are called climatic appliances. The former device purifies the air and makes it healthier to breathe, the other one moisturizes the atmosphere. The purifier takes out micro particles that pollute air. It grabs them from the atmosphere through a specialized filtering system that includes HEPA or carbon filters, and sometimes both. Air purifiers minimize airborne allergens, thus decreasing the risk of respiratory disease, allergies, and asthma.

Humidifiers intensify humidity to optimal point and thereby makes microclimate healthier. Low humidity and high dry air are caused by many office and household appliances running, or in winter when cold air can make people uncomfortable by drying out their skin, it can be useful to have such devices in the room. These models can indeed aid with breathing problems, such as asthma, and dry skin.

So, what are the distinctions in principle of operation between 2 classes of appliances? Air purifiers pull out pollutants, and humidifiers enrich it with moisture. However, due to their similar appearance and complementary functions, these appliances can be easily confused. If your goal is to optimise your use of these models, it’s helpful to recognize the difference between air purifier and humidifier and select the one that best suits your requirements. Or use this pair in combination.

What to choose

User’s individual destitutions and the quality of air in the house determine if a person is in need of a humidifier or air purifier. By deleting pollutants, an air purifier optimizes homely microclimate. Air purifiers take and delete airborne particles utilizing advanced filtration systems, which can be notably useful and valuable for persons with conditions of allergies or respiratory problems.

If you live in a dried climate or your house is poorly insulated, applying a humidifier can help you avoid serious health problems. Humidifiers put in moisture to the air, which can be a solution to problems with dry skin, dusty environment, respiratory indications like coughing or wheezing, and difficulty breathing.

Always consider the size of the room when selecting a device. Air purifiers are typically used in small spaces, whereas humidifiers are typically utilized on a grander scale to make large living areas more comfortable. Some models are multifunctional and also include a humidifier option, making them a perfect choice for those looking to improve both air purity and humidity degree.

After all, the selection of models is shaped by your specific requirements as well as the quality of the air in your residence. Which is better to buy – a humidifier or an air purifier? Let’s find the response for this key question! Consider the features of each gadget, your personal preferences, and your budget when making your choice.

Best solution

Given the various specific tasks, combining these 2 appliances is the best approach. The combination of 2 climatic gadgets has the potential to upgrade the air purity and humidity degree in your apartment. This approach has a good effect on human health and general well-being, creating a comfy and healthy homely microclimate. This combination has great advantages:

  • The more breathable air
    Humidifiers ensure hydration of the air, making it more comfy to breathe, just as air purifiers take out various airborne particles. When used in conjunction, these gadgets can help to generate a comfortable and healthy homely microclimate while decreasing breathlessness and other medical conditions tied to poor quality of the air.
  • Comfort
    It can aid in the treatment of dry skin, nasal congestion, and overall well-being. By applying a humidifier to keep in the recommended point of humidity, you can refine the state of your skin and hair, boost activity and advanced well-being. The mix of 2 appliances takes to level up your comfort and enjoyment.
  • Breath without allergens
    Air purifiers are good in opposition to airborne substances such as dust, pet hair and dander. Utilizing an air purifier in tandem with a humidifier helps with allergy indications by lowering numbers of allergens in the air and supplementing moisture to minimize dryness.
  • Tranquility night rest
    Painful air can disrupt your ability to relax, and even more so when trying to get enough sleep at night. Humidifiers can provide moisture levels, allowing users to relax and spend the night more comfortably. When used in conjunction with an air purifier, it provides a more comfy, fresher, and healthier living area, resulting in superior restfulness.

How to use devices together

As a result, combining these appliances and their peculiarities makes your well-being, coziness, and microclimate in the accommodation. To ensure best performance, select the right models for your needs, use them correctly, and maintain them on a regular basis. Please find some useful tips below:

  • Choose a proper location
    To begin, start an air purifier to delete harmful substances, pet hair and dander, domestic dust and other pollutants. Allow it to work for several hours before turning on another gadget to add moisture to the already cleaned air.
  • The first step is air cleaning
    First, power up the air purifier to delete toxic, pet hair and dander, and some other pollutants. Give it a few hours to work as specified in the user manual.
  • The second step is humidification
    Begin operating the humidifier after adding liquid in the tank. Set the degree of moisture to the personal preference. It’s worthy to note that the certain devices include built-in air purifiers, saving the trouble of having to use 2 separate units.
  • Service & maintenance 
    All such appliances must be systematically inspected and cleaned in the appropriate mode to operate correctly. Clean filters, water tank, and other parts as stated by the instructions to block the expansion of bacterium and mold.


The problem of choice is always hard and complicated. It’s sometimes preferable to use 2 devices rather than just one. The same is true for the 2 types of devices. By combining these gadgets, users can generate a comfortable and healthy microclimate at home. The most effective outcomes are achieved by selecting the right tools for the job, using them correctly, and performing routine maintenance.

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