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Where an air purifier should be placed

There are numerous harmful substances that can be present in the air in your home. First and foremost is PM2.5 and PM10 particulate matter. The larger ones (PM10) easily enter the upper respiratory tract. While the smaller ones are even more dangerous because they can enter the bloodstream through the alveoli and cause damage to various other organs. Sometimes they contribute to the development of cancer or high blood pressure. Bacteria, viruses and fungal spores, as well as pollen and dust, are also often found in home air. They often cause allergic reactions and also contribute to the deterioration of your health. For this reason, it is worth buying a good air purifier.

Where to place an air purifier?

The first rule of proper air purification is for the air to reach the device. Therefore, the appliance you choose must have efficient fans to ensure adequate air circulation in the room.

However, you need to pay attention not only to the square footage, but also the cubic capacity of the room – for example, rooms in apartment buildings are very high and contain more air requiring purification (despite the same square footage as, for example, a room in a block of flats).

If you want to purify the air in a room or in an entire apartment, it is important to choose the right air purifier, because a moderately efficient device will not be able to purify the air in a spacious living room. For this reason, the equipment should always be matched to the dimensions of the space from which it has to remove pollutants. Manufacturers are happy to provide such information in the product data sheets.

Where to place an air purifier in your room?

The purifier works most efficiently in closed rooms, for example, not connected to an open corridor. It is also worth paying attention to whether larger furniture and other large-size elements will not restrict air circulation. The device will work most efficiently if you place it in the central part of the room and at a close distance from windows, because it is through them that dirt mainly penetrates.

If you want to use the device in the bedroom, it is best to place the air purifier between the window and the bed. However, it is advisable to slightly open the door to the hallway so that the carbon dioxide concentration in the room (there is 4% CO2 in the exhaled air) is not elevated.

If you live in a larger city, you are more exposed to harmful substances in the air, so you should consider buying a purifier all the more. It is advisable to set it up in the rooms where you currently reside. For this reason, the equipment can stand in the living room during the day, while in the bedroom at night.

Do not forget about the height of the position of the purifier. Specialists recommend placing the device on the floor, because it is near the ground that there is a higher concentration of pollutants. Setting it on a shelf can significantly reduce the filtration efficiency.

An important issue is also where not to place the air purifier. Experts are unanimous that it should not be used in rooms with high humidity. First of all, moisture can contribute to malfunctions. Secondly, the carbon filters in the devices may work less efficiently.

If you cook a lot, it is worth knowing that purifying the air in your home can cancel out odors. In such a situation, it is advisable to place the device near the kitchen. The odor after cooking will be quickly removed, and you will enjoy clean air while you work.

Taking care of proper air circulation is important, so we remind you that the placement of the purifier is also dependent on the presence of bevels or alcoves (if the room is in the attic), which can reduce the aforementioned circulation.

We remind you that air purification in the apartment may be ineffective with open windows, because through them pollutants will enter the house, and the purified air may “escape” to other rooms where we are not currently.

Effective room air purification – buy a good device

A professional device can provide effective air purification in the apartment, even in the one that does not have an ideal arrangement. On the other hand, questionable quality purifiers will not be efficient even in the perfect positioning of the apartment. In our store you can find a variety of models, differing in individual features and performance. If you need help with your choice, feel free to contact our specialists.

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