AENO: Smart Home Appliances

We make the most desired smart features open to everyone.


AENO is a global brand of smart home appliances that offers top level of product quality, customer service and design in 26 countries.


Innovative technology

AENO household appliances boast advanced technology with a focus on smart features. Our products are created by highly experienced engineers and developers that have demonstrated their skills in the digital domain all around the world.

Smart features for your home

Add AENO smart devices to a common application on your smartphone and control the gadgets. Forget about the daily routine: just schedule cleaning time and map, track your menu and monitoring of nutritions and much more.

Design awarded by Red Dot

Minimalistic, functional and visually aesthetic product design is our focus. This was recognized by the Red Dot Product Design Awards 2023 for AENO Premium Eco Smart Heater. All devices are made of pleasant to the touch and safe materials. There are no trifles for us - we create an eye-catching package design to give an impressive unpacking experience.

Commitment to sustainable goals

We care about sustainability and strive to minimize our footprints on the environment. We provide 100% sustainable packaging, energy efficient products, and the reduction of paper manuals by digitizing them.

Top service

A high standard of the customer service with multiple ways to contact the brand, quick reply in 4 communication channels, and response time less than 5 minutes.

Unique pick-up warranty service

Taking care of customers, we provide the free and fast way to warranty service for repair and replacement if needed. Pick-up warranty service is valid in 20 European countries.

The perfect match for innovation, quality, and price

Top product quality is ensured by several inspection and testing stages. We prioritize the quality of our products, advanced technology, and exceptional customer service over extra advertising budgets to promote the brand name. This ensures that the price is available for everyone!