AENO: Smart Home Appliances

We make the most popular smart features accessible to everyone

Our mission is to make smart technologies more accessible and familiar to every person. We shoulder your burden of housework and free you from domestic chores. We strive to make people’s lives richer by helping them free time for family and friends, self-development and creativity

Key values shared by AENO

Smart lifestyle

'Smart' stands for innovation and a rational approach to choice. We select the best technology for our products. Customers choose us to get high quality at a lower price

Popular features

Our products are user-friendly and include features most requested by customers


We take a green, plastic-free approach to packaging design

Reliability and honesty

in relations with customers. The consumer should not overpay for the brand name. We also provide a two-year warranty on our products

Smart appliances for comfort at home

Home is a place of strength for every person. We help customers make their homes a retreat from the daily hustle of life with AENO smart home appliances