AENO DI1 Dental Irrigator

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12 flossing scenarios


Easy to fill & clean removable water tank


Up to 85 days without charging

Removable 200 ml water tank

The water tank is not only ample in size but also thoughtfully designed to be removable. This design ensures effortless refilling and meticulous cleaning of the tank, promoting enhanced hygiene and maintenance convenience

12 cleaning scenarios

The AENO dental irrigator DI1 is ingeniously designed with 12 cleaning scenarios, each tailored to meet diverse and specific oral hygiene needs, ensuring a personalized and optimal cleaning experience every single time

    12 cleaning scenarios

    4 flossing modes & 3 intensity levels for each mode

    Light, Medium, High modes - provide a spectrum of water jet intensity and pressure for different tooth and gum conditions and sensitivities. From those who prefer gentle brushing to those who require a more intense cleaning, providing a personalized and comfortable experience. Spot mode - for targeted, powerful cleaning of a specific spot. Each flossing mode comes with an additional layer of customization through 3 distinct intensity levels. This feature allows users to fine-tune their flossing experience, ensuring the perfect balance between thorough cleaning and gentle care

      4 flossing modes & 3 intensity levels for each mode

      Perfect for cleaning braces

      AENO DI1 demonstrates excellent performance when cleaning braces. Water effectively passes through the wire and brackets to remove food debris and prevent plaque buildup in these hard-to-reach areas, ensuring perfect oral hygiene

        Perfect for cleaning braces

        Memory function

        The built-in memory function intuitively remembers your last-used mode and intensity, automatically setting itself to those parameters upon the next use

          Memory function

          Perfect for cleaning hard-to-reach places

          AENO DI1 is masterfully crafted to navigate and clean hard-to-reach areas of the mouth that are often neglected by regular brushing. Its precision ensures that every corner of your oral cavity receives a meticulous clean, safeguarding against potential dental issues arising from overlooked spots

          Long usage without charging - up to 85 days

          With an amazing battery life of up to 85 days of use without recharging, the AENO DI1 will be a reliable oral care assistant even when traveling

            Long usage without charging - up to 85 days

            Convenient LED display

            The LED display provides better user interaction by clearly displaying selected modes and battery level

              Convenient LED display

              Maneuverability - 360° rotating nozzle

              With its rotating nozzle, the AENO DI1 offers excellent maneuverability for thorough cleaning of all areas of the mouth

                Maneuverability - 360° rotating nozzle

                Nozzles for all purposes included: Orthodontic, Periodontal, Tongue, Standard

                AENO DI1 comes with a comprehensive set of nozzles, each designed for a specific purpose - Standard for regular use, Tongue for maintaining fresh breath, Orthodontic for those with braces, and Periodontal for specialized gum care. This ensures a holistic and targeted approach to your oral hygiene

                  Nozzles for all purposes included: Orthodontic, Periodontal, Tongue, Standard

                  Travel case for 2 nozzles included

                  The inclusion of a sleek travel case, designed to securely house 2 nozzles, ensures that your AENO dental irrigator can conveniently accompany you on all your travels

                    Travel case for 2 nozzles included


                    Cleaning scenarios


                    Water pressure

                    Up to 100 PSI

                    Water tank

                    200 ml

                    Operating time on a single charge

                    Up to 85 days

                    • Cleaning modes

                      4 (High, Medium, Light, Spot)

                    • Intensity levels

                      3 for each mode

                    • Water pulsation frequency

                      Up to 1500 times/min

                    • Maximum continuous operating time

                      140 seconds

                    • LED indication


                    • Charging time

                      4 hours

                    • Battery capacity

                      2200 mAh

                    • Water protection


                    • Package contents

                      Standard nozzle, tongue cleaning nozzle, orthodontic nozzle, periodontal nozzle, travel case, cable

                    • Article


                    • Warranty

                      24 months

                    • EAN


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