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Cleanliness in the room is a key to comfortable life and healthy lifestyle. Neatness and order in the house are important signs of hospitality. This means that you are always ready to welcome guests. How often should you clean your house so that it is always clean but without unnecessary effort? What frequency and intensity of cleaning is recommended for city apartments, flats and country houses? Does it depend on the purpose of the rooms? How often should you deep clean your house? What types of cleaning are there and how do they differ?

The answer to this question of how often you need to clean your home is really case by case: it depends on the type and intensity of dirtiness. Something should be performed every day to maintain cleanliness, and for others monthly would suffice.


Such household routine is performed every day in our ordinary life. Daily cleaning in the form of small tasks saves time with bigger cleanings. Check your checklist for daily cleaning:

1. Kitchen: washing dishes and cleaning surfaces

Dishes should be washed after each meal. The accumulation of dirty dishes in the kitchen directly results in reproduction of pathogenic bacteria, intestinal infections and the appearance of unpleasant odors.

It is also necessary to clean the surfaces after cooking. Since the sink takes over all the remnants of food and dirty dishes, it also needs attention every day.

2. Bathroom: personal hygiene

Surfaces in a bathroom very quickly lose their attractiveness due to hair or cosmetics. It is recommended to keep things in their places and remove the remnants of cosmetics or hair. To maintain cleanliness, rinsing the shower, bathtub or washbasin regularly after each use will do.

3. Bedroom and wardrobe: all things in their place

Clean your room every day. The daily routine includes making the bed, putting things in their places in the dressing room, etc.


For weekly cleaning, it is better to schedule a special time and separate day. Carry it out regularly:

1. Get rid of dust

It is necessary to wipe dust from all surfaces. It is important not to forget about furniture, household appliances, and mirrors. Just wipe them down to be free of dust and stains.

2. Floor cleaning

It is recommended to do this cleaning at least once a week. It can be dry or wet cleaning. If the garbage accumulates faster or you like to walk barefoot, then you can vacuum 2-3 times a week. If you use a robot vacuum cleaner, you can turn it on every day for maintenance cleaning. You can choose, for example, one of the models of the AEHO brand robot vacuum cleaner to program the cleaning schedule and enjoy the purity.

3. Bedroom: change of bed linen

Even if the bed linen looks good, it is worth changing it once a week to avoid skin diseases.

4. Kitchen: checking products

Check the food in the refrigerator: the expiration dates and the state of the food. If the process of decay of a spoiled product has begun, it can cause poisoning or unpleasant smells.

5. Bathroom: from washing clothes to cleaning surfaces

You can plan weekly laundry and clothes washing, as well as a thorough cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces in the bathroom. Due to high humidity, there is a risk of fungus and mold, so walls, tiles and other surfaces require attention and thorough cleaning. Steam cleaning can help prevent mold, such as using an AEHO brand steam mop.


We should perform certain tasks monthly to maintain cleanliness. So what are those household chores?

1. Cleaning curtains and blinds

Curtains, shutters and blinds collect a lot of dust, which spoils the air and is dangerous for human well-being and allergy sufferers. Washing curtains is tedious and time consuming. A steam mop is best suited for cleaning curtains and blinds – such models are in the assortment of the AENO brand. The device is convenient for cleaning curtains in a vertical position without removing them, which saves time and effort. At the same time, the steam will safely and reliably destroy microbes and germs.

2. Plumbing cleaning

It is necessary to regularly clean the plumbing in the bathroom and in the kitchen: taps and pipes must be in proper condition. No need to allow the appearance of limestone deposits.

3. Cleaning kitchen appliances: stoves, ovens, hoods

Grease, dust and dirt are actively collected on surfaces in the kitchen, as well as inside kitchen appliances during cooking. The more regularly you clean, the easier it will be.


This is a thorough cleaning of all premises, checking the quality of all things and their condition. Such a thorough cleaning can be done every six months or a year. Of course, everyone has their own to-do list for annual cleaning. The general checklist of mandatory work that is recommended to be included consists of the following:

1. Cleaning sofas, armchairs, mattresses, blankets and pillows

Bed mites, germs, dust – these should be dealt with by vacuuming or washing and drying. It is most convenient to use a cordless vacuum cleaner or a steam mop. Portable models can be found among AENO devices. A vacuum cleaner will help you deal with dust, while a steam mop will provide chemical-free steam disinfection and provide protection against dust mites.

2. Cleaning walls, ceilings, windows

This is especially important for “dirty” spaces (hallways) and rooms with high humidity – kitchens and bathrooms. If the walls, ceiling or floor are covered with tiles, then all seams should be thoroughly cleaned and processed so that mold cannot form in them. This will also help with high temperature steaming, which can be done with an AEHO steam mop.

3. Wet cleaning of all surfaces

If you can choose to do dry or wet cleaning monthly, then annual wet cleaning is required.

Cleaning as needed

Important type of cleaning. The thoroughness of cleaning depends on the intensity of pollution and the specific task: prepare for the arrival of guests or clean up after the party. This can include both dishwashing and dusting, as well as wet cleaning.

What do you need for cleaning?

Modern household appliances can greatly facilitate the cleaning process. Cleaning is most effective if the right methods are used for it. For daily cleaning and maintenance of cleanliness, a robot vacuum cleaner is suitable, for a monthly one – a cordless vacuum cleaner that can clean a variety of surfaces, and for annual cleaning and disinfection of curtains, beds and upholstered furniture, outerwear in the wardrobe, a steam mop is perfect.

The product line of modern home cleaning devices is widely represented in the assortment of the AENO brand:

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