Oven buying guide: how to choose a good oven


In a modern kitchen, an oven is an essential cooking appliance. A great oven enables an incredible array of dishes. You can cook homemade pizza, turkey or chicken, pie or cookies in the oven. On store shelves and in catalogs of online marketplaces there is a wide variety of ovens from various brands.

So, how to buy an oven? What types of ovens are there and how do they differ? Which oven to choose for a kitchen at home? In this article you will find a comprehensive oven buying guide.

Types of ovens

As always, determine the type of oven you need before purchasing, and that may not be as straightforward as it seems.  It can be a stove that combines a hob with an oven, built-in or а separate oven. А control panel with the necessary functions is usually located on the front side of an oven. The main difference between ovens is the way they are connected and heated: using electricity or gas. There are separate and built-in ovens, depending on the type of installation.

Electric VS Gas ovens

Electric ovens are more modern and technological, safe to use, functional and with the possibility of different control modes. Gas ovens are cheaper and considered durable, but have only mechanical controls and introduce the risks of fire and gas leaks. What are the benefits and disadvantages of these types of ovens?

Electric ovens
First of all, electric ovens are suitable for apartments and houses where there is no mains gas connection. This is the best option for country houses or separate rooms without a proper equipped kitchen. As a rule, in the basic configuration, electric ovens are equipped with a thermostat that maintains the temperature at the same level. There are models with a timer and pre-installed programs. Usually there are several levels inside for placing a baking sheet with dishes. This allows you to choose the optimal location for each product. Food is fried and baked evenly.

Gas ovens
Gas ovens are suitable for apartments and houses where there is mains gas supply. Burners are located at the bottom of an oven. Thus, dishes are heated from below. This can cause uneven cooking and burning of food. Usually gas ovens have very limited control functionality: ignition and selection of the intensity of gas and heat supply. Modern models have an additional gas control system that prevents gas leakage when the flame goes out.

Pros vs Cons

Electric ovenGas oven
Pros+ Economy
(minimum energy efficiency class A)

+ Advanced functionality
(timer, various temperature options, preset programs)

+ Cooking quality
(multiple heating elements ensure better cooking quality)

+ Safety
(no open flame and no possibility of ignition; no gas leak)
+ Low cost

+ Ease of use

+ Durability
Cons– May not work in the case of a power outage– Mechanical control only

– No additional options
(timer, preset programs)

– Heat supply only from below and the possibility of burning dishes

– Risk of gas leakage

– Fire risk

Electric ovens: types and features

There are two main types of electric ovens: standard and convection.

Standard electric types of ovens work with emitted heat to cook dishes. Convection electric ovens operate with heated air going about the food from all sides to prepare it evenly.

As a rule, electric convection types of ovens are more expensive than others. This is justified by better roasting of cooked dishes, be it meat or pastries.

Built-in ovens: types and specifics

The advantage of built-in appliances is the ability to fit it into the interior. Models of this type of ovens are built into kitchen furniture by their design.

Built-in single ovenBuilt-in double oven
The built-in single oven is a popular and sought-after oven model. Such household appliances can be placed adaptively below the countertop or above at eye level. These are quite compact models. But also with limited capacity. If you live solo or don’t cook often, then this model is ideal for you to fit it into the interior of the kitchen.The built-in double oven is perfect for large families or professional chefs who prepare many different dishes. The two oven sections allow you to grill in the top oven while you cook something else in the bottom oven. This type of device takes up more space, although it is built into the interior. Also, this model has an increased capacity.

Check-list to choose oven

Making the right choice among a wide range of ovens is really difficult. What is the difference between ovens of the same type? How to choose a good oven? What to look for when buying an oven? What characteristics and specifications to pay close attention to when choosing an oven?

Check and memorize the electric oven buying guide. Read and save an overview with a checklist of key features for choosing a good oven!

Dimensions and capacity
There are different sizes of ovens on the market. The width can vary from 45 to 90 cm, the height can reach 110 cm, the depth is 35-70 cm. As a rule, the bigger the oven, the greater the capacity of the oven. For example, the dimensions of EO1 AENO Electric Oven 38 x 53 x 30 cm with a capacity of 30 liters, and a pizza with a diameter of up to 32 cm is placed inside.

You need to be guided by your interior and the need when choosing an oven. If you have a large family and you cook a lot in the oven, then it is better to look for a device with an increased capacity. If you live alone in a city studio-flat and use the oven several times a month, then you can try to fit the smallest oven into the interior.

Grille type
Electric ovens are equipped with one of two types of grills: electric or infrared grill. A device with an infrared grill heats up and cools down faster, therefore it is considered the safest, most economical one.

Heating mode
The main types of heating that ovens operate with: bottom heat, top heat, intensive heat, grill, convection.

EO1 AENO Electric Oven works with 6 heating modes for best cooking experience. Full stack of heating features includes different combinations: top heating, bottom heating, top and bottom heating, top and bottom heating with convection, top and bottom heating with grill, top and bottom heating with convection and grill.

Modern models, such as EO1 AENO Electric Oven, provide the ability to use both grill and convection modes, depending on the need. In the grill mode, you can cook delicious and juicy fish and chicken fillets, steaks without using oil. The convection mode through the circulation of heated air will ensure uniform frying from all sides and inside without the risk of burning the edges.

Energy class
The most economical devices are A, A+, A++. Power consumption will depend on your model.

Maximum temperature
Different dishes are cooked at different temperatures, so it is important to have a wide range of settings. On average, the temperature range of modern devices can be from 10 °C to 500 °C. Many meat dishes are cooked at a temperature of 180-220 °C. Therefore, 220 degrees is the minimum upper limit for the possible maximum temperature. EO1 AENO Electric Oven allows you to set the temperature in the range from 38 °C to 230 °C. This is enough for comfortable use at home.

Functional Design
Functional design is an important purchase option. There are two types of oven doors: sliding and folding. A slide away door is considered safer because it reduces the risk of burns, but it is more convenient to flip. The hinged door mechanism can be directed from the bottom up or from the top down.

It is also worth paying attention to the runners for installing the baking sheet. It is more convenient to use those that are put forward simultaneously with the baking sheet, while it is firmly fixed, and the design moves quite easily.

Lighting is important. It is best to choose a model with high-quality light. This will free you from having to look into the oven frequently. And it will allow you not to deviate from the right cooking technique every time you open the door.

For example, the AENO oven model provides both backlighting for the touchscreen of the control panel and lighting inside.

Control type
Mechanical control is the simplest type. It does not provide preinstalled programs. As a rule, it is a rotary knob (turntable) for ignition and temperature selection. It is easy to use and resistant to voltage drops, but lacks additional options and the possibility of detailed user settings.

Electronic control, on the contrary, is characterized by a variety of modes, functions, the option of setting the exact temperature and time. It can be implemented as rotary knobs, buttons, digital display with data display.

Touch control, in terms of functionality, is similar to electronics control type. There are options for setting the temperature, timer, preset modes. This type of oven allows you to set all these parameters using the touch display. The models without buttons provide easier care of the kitchen device. Excess dust does not accumulate anywhere, just wipe a flat surface for complete cleanliness.

EO1 AENO Electric Oven has intuitive touch panel controls. The user can make just a few touches to select a cooking mode or custom settings. The stylish backlit display shows the selected automatic program, temperature and cooking time.

Operating modes
There are 2 main types of cooking programs: automatic and custom settings.

The automatic mode simplifies the preparation of popular dishes: it automatically sets the parameters. The number of options varies. The AENO oven model has 8 pre-installed automatic programs for cooking different types of food: bread, pie, pizza, biscuits, steak, chicken, prove and defrost modes.

The user settings mode requires you to set all the cooking conditions yourself, depending on the capabilities of your oven model: temperature, time, intensity of heat supply. With mechanical control, as a rule, only the temperature and type of heat supply can be set. With electronic, touch and smart type of control, the result can be easily stored in the memory of the oven device. These settings are quick to activate the next time you cook.

Self-cleaning option
Some advanced oven models have a user-friendly self-cleaning mode. To start, simply select the appropriate mode. This automatic cycle cleans the oven with high temperatures. The self-cleaning option facilitates the maintenance of kitchen appliances and frees the user from manual cleaning.

Check the duration of the guarantee period for the selected oven model. It differs depending on the manufacturer. The warranty is given most often for 1 year. The AENO brand provides a guarantee period of up to 2 years (24 months) for all product categories, including models of oven.

Find out more about the features of the stylish and functional AENO oven in the Kitchen section.

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