RC1S AENO Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Clean your floors without lifting a finger

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Up to 2 months of autonomous cleaning

Don't control house cleaning maintaining. The robot vacuum cleaner can keep cleanliness without service for up to 2 months. The volume of dust bag allows to carry out up to 40 cleanings

  • 60 days

    of autonomous cleaning

  • 4 hours

    of cleaning without recharging

  • 1 bag

    40 cleanings

Efficient wet cleaning

3 modes of electronic water flow

Regular cleaning in hard-to-reach places

Forget about inconvenient cleaning under dressers, beds, and other furniture

9.8 cm
20 mm

Modes for every need

Super powerful

Regular autonomous cleaning of pet hair or carpet cleaning is a simple task

  • 4000 Pa

    Turbo mode

Super powerful

Precise room mapping

Less time required for cleaning. 21 sensors & LiDAR (infrared, collision, anti-fall, gyro, anti-bump) make operation more precise and safer for robot vacuum cleaner and surrounding objects. All the objects in the room are memorized and cleaning is more efficient bypassing the obstacles

    Precise room mapping

    Cleaning schedule

    Once set up - always clean. Create your own scenarios by adjusting the frequency of cleaning and the time of day the robot vacuum cleaner operates

      Cleaning schedule

      Virtual walls

      Clean only where needed. The setting allows you to limit the cleaning area to a specific selected area in the room or the entire room

        Virtual walls

        Operate from any place in the world

        Come to a clean, dust-free apartment after work or vacation. Set a cleaning schedule and control its execution via the user-friendly AENO application. Also app gives a possibility to set cleaning mode, virtual walls or to find out battery charge level and much more

        Cleans of all types of surfaces

        Only one device is enough for a complete cleaning of an apartment. The vacuum cleaner works effectively with all types of surfaces: carpets, laminate, parquet, tiles and more. You won't need other devices to complete your cleaning

        UV lamp for the floor disinfection

        Ensure safe playing on the floor for your child. The final step in cleaning is a beam of ultraviolet light, which additionally kills bacteria, mold and fungus. The UV lamp is located under the robot vacuum cleaner and is not harmful to your health

          UV lamp for the floor disinfection

          5 bags included for 200+ cleanings

          Spares accessories included

          1 x HEPA 12 filter

          1 x Pre-filter

          2 x Fabric mops

          2 x Side brushes

          Effective daily cleaning of pet hair

          Save yourself the discomfort of a large amount of pet hair around the house


          Dust container

          600 ml

          Water tank

          370 ml

          Сleaning area

          up to 250 m²

          Suction power

          4000 Pa

          • Filters

            Pre-filter & HEPA 12 filter

          • Noise level

            Up to 65 dB

          • Runtime

            220 minutes

          • Battery capacity

            5200 mAh

          • Charging time

            5 hours

          • Remote control


          • Precise mapping


          • Cord length

            1.5 m

          • Docking station


          • Package contents

            Remote controller, water tank, dust tank, 4 x side brush, cleaning tool, main brush, 2 x fabric mops, 2 x HEPA 12 filter & pre-filter, 5 x dust bags, auto dust collector, charger with adaptor, 2 x batteries for remote control

          • Compatible accessories

            ARCDB1 (dust bag), ARCF1 (HEPA filter), ARCSB1 (side brush)

          • Dimensions

            330 х 98 х 330 mm

          • Weight

            3.3 kg

          • Article


          • Warranty

            24 months

          • EAN


          Replacement accessories

          Replacement filter

          User Manual

          Read the user manual online or download a copy

          download PDF, 2.2 MБ