VS1 AENO Vacuum Sealer

Healthier, juicier, tastier

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Using a ribbed bag of any size

Up to 30 cm

Keep food fresh 5x longer

Feel the difference, the growth of microorganisms is suspended, food without oxygen does not oxidize and stays fresh many times longer

Keep food fresh 5x longer

Wide variety of products

The suction power of 65 kPa allows effectively seal meat, fish, poultry, fruits and vegetables, greens, spices, ready meals in a special container and much more in a matter of seconds

Wide variety of products

Saves space in freezer

Convenient storage and less space in the freezer or fridge. The product is compressed and takes up less space

Saves space in freezer

Perfect for fast pickling

Requires less marinade and reduces waiting time - the marinade penetrates the product faster

Fast: 1 bag ~ 10 sec

It does not take much time, you can seal a huge amount of products in a few minutes

Fast: 1 bag ~ 10 sec

Easy to use

One touch automatic operation. It's easy to get started, no long manuals needed

Easy to use

Cook sous vide dishes

Sous vide is a method of slow cooking of products in vacuum packaging at a relatively low and precisely controlled temperature

Cook sous vide dishes

Easy to store

38 cm in length and less than 6 cm in thickness the AENO Vacuum Sealer does not take up much space and can fit on any shelf

Multipurpose use

Extend the freshness of food, vacuum seal ready meals in special vacuum containers, pickle various products or simply seal an open bag

Multipurpose use

Perfect for vacuum containers

Do you want your meal to stay as fresh as possible for a long time, as if you had just cooked it? Simply seal the special vacuum container with a vacuum sealer. Adapter included

Perfect for vacuum containers

Accessories included:

10 ribbed bags (20 x 30 cm), container adapter

Accessories included:


Vacuum power

65 kPa

Vacuuming time per bag

10 sec

Maximum bag width

30 cm

Solder joint width

2.5 mm

  • Vacuum time

    About 10 seconds

  • Mode of operation

    Vacuum + Seal

  • Stop button


  • Cord length

    1.4 m

  • Package contents

    10 x Bags (20 x 30 cm), container adapter

  • Dimensions

    380 x 68 x 54 mm

  • Weight

    0.69 kg

  • Article


  • Warranty

    24 months

  • EAN


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