Embrace Health and Dust-Free Warmth with AENO Heaters


Let’s talk about the real challenge for home heating. Today it’s finding a balance between staying warm and keeping the air fresh and humid and caring about the health of your family.

Traditional heaters do a good job of warming up a room, but they often forget about our health. They create a warm air, but unfortunately, they also make it a perfect place for bacteria to grow. Especially when it’s cold outside and we keep windows closed, these heaters create an environment where disease-causing bacteria thrive right where your family lives, in the humid and hot environment. Moreover, hot air dries up our noses, creating cracks, with potential entry points for bacteria entry.

Paradox Of Traditional Heaters

Scientific studies, like the one examining the physiological and psychological impacts of heating, as published by the National Library of Medicine, highlight a concerning downside to conventional heaters. They tend to increase carbon monoxide levels in our living spaces, potentially making us unwell. This rise in CO, combined with the confined warm air, can have a negative impact on our health, threatening overall well-being.

AENO Premium Eco Smart heaters offer a different story. Our devices are odorless, silent and don’t create movements of air and dust particles. AENO Premium Eco Smart heaters, are placed below the head area, while cooling warming the feet, keep the head colder, thus making you feel better. And healthier!

Elevate Your Home Comfort And Purity With AENO Heaters

In conclusion, AENO Premium Eco Smart heaters go beyond the traditional concept of home heating. Now, knowing how AENO heaters redefine the narrative, you can confidently enhance your home environment with the 5 available models in 3 different colors (white, black, grey). With buttons on the side (version 3, 4, 5) and in the application (all 5 models). These cutting-edge heaters, with minimalistic design will fit any room, on the floor or on the wall.

You can remotely turn the AENO Heater on or off via buttons on the heater or via the mobile application. Set a clear timed scheduler to turn on or off at specific times of the days and up to a specific temperature (a good option is between 23 to 24 degrees Celsius during the day, 20 to 21 degrees Celsius at night.

Immerse yourself in the warmth of an AENO-heated rooms where you can breathe easy. Make the smart choice for comfort, purity, and warmth with AENO.

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  1. Can you explain how Aeno Heaters promote a healthier environment compared to traditional heaters?

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