AENO Heaters: Cozy Comfort for Our Furry Friends


Winter evenings are perfect for gathering with our family, which undoubtedly includes not only our relatives but also our cherished pets. It is the moment to give them additional time and care, fostering a secure and healthy environment that takes care of their well-being.

In summer, pets like to bathe in the sunlight (if it’s not too aggressive, of course), feeling most comfortable and safe there. This instinct does not disappear in winter, unlike the sun. And our furry friends need a new source of warmth just like people.

As caring owners, we strive to provide our companions with a cozy environment.
Traditional heaters warm up the air, not the body, thus don’t work like the sun. They create a sauna and air-conditioners, on top of that, dry up the air, making the noses of our pets dry and prone to illnesses. This is where advanced AENO heaters come to help – they provide infrared heating which works exactly like the sun, warming up the body or our animals.

How AENO Heaters Become Your Pet’s Sun:

AENO Premium Eco Smart Heaters offer comfort without drying out the air or consuming excessive oxygen. They distribute heat uniformly and gently across the entire room. Pets really like to lie in front of the AENO Heater.

AENO Premium Eco Smart Heater is easy to control. Effortlessly turn on or off the heater via buttons or via the mobile application (Premium LED you can also control temperature directly on the heater). Set timer schedules to turn on or off the heater at specific times of the day. And as always, you can set the temperature – we recommend between 23 to 24 degrees Celsius during the day, 20 to 21 degrees Celsius at night, ensuring optimal warmth for you and your pets all day long.

AENO Heaters as Pet-Friendly Solutions

Wondering where to put the heater? Simply place the AENO Premium Eco Smart Heater near your pet’s favorite spot, and witness as your furry friend curls up beside it, drawn to the radiant heat of the “sun”.

Beyond warmth, AENO prioritizes safety, crucial for households with pets. If the AENO heater panel falls over the cat or dog or your child pushes it over 45 degrees), the heater will automatically turn off, make a distinct audible sound and inform you in the application. The AENO Premium Eco Smart Heaters are made from tempered glass (comes in Glossy White, Pearl Black and Noble Grey), so it will not break when tipped over – it is strong.

AENO Premium Eco Smart Heaters – Your Partners In Warmth

Being reliable and powerful infrared heaters, AENO Heaters extend warmth and care to every creature in your home. From a tiny hamster to the largest loyal dog, AENO turns your living space into a warm, and cozy atmosphere.

AENO Premium Eco Smart Heater has multiple features:

  • Ultra-thin, double sided, infrared heater panel (11 mm), made of tempered glass, in minimalistic design fits in any interior;
  • Infrared heating technology ensures natural and healthy heating without noise and air blowing;
  • Smart control allows customers to operate the heating device wherever they are;
  • Set up temperature of the infrared panel from 60 to 120 degrees Celsius for more safety and comfortable heating (for example, foot heating – keep your feet warm this winter);
  • Achieving as low as 160 Wh power consumption with lower heater panel temperature at 60 degrees Celsius;
  • Energy saving to reduce costs up to 50%;
  • Simple assembly of all elements and easy installation.

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