DB6 AENO Toothbrush

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5 cleaning scenarios


46 000 vibrations per minute


Wireless charging


40 days battery life

Sonic vibration technology

Sonic toothbrushes are clinically proved to remove plaque many times more effectively than regular toothbrushes. They remove plaque from teeth and along the gum line without damaging the gums themselves

Five cleaning scenarios

Five cleaning scenarios


Daily standard cleaning mode


Teeth polishing and whitening mode. Recommended for smokers and frequent coffee drinkers


Mode for delicate, gentle cleaning of gums and teeth


Intensive gum massage. Recommended for healthy gums after standard cleaning

Gum Care

Gentle massage of the gums. Recommended for sensitive gums after standard cleaning

High brush speed

An impressive brush speed of up to 46 000 vibrations per minute makes it easy to clean hard-to-reach areas and helps sweep away soft plaque

    High brush speed

    Wireless charging

    No need to worry about the toothbrush's battery level, just put it on the charging base, and it will always be fully charged when you need it

      Wireless charging

      Long-lasting battery

      A 4-hour charge is perfectly enough for 40 days of everyday use

        Long-lasting battery

        DuPont™ filaments

        The brush has premium-quality DuPont™ Tynex® bristles, which boast excellent wear resistance and greater bend recovery compared with other materials. The blue indicator bristles fade over time to remind the user that it is time to change the brush head

          DuPont™ filaments

          Smart reminder function

          The brush will pulse every 30 seconds as a reminder to switch to another area of the mouth for more thorough cleaning

            Smart reminder function

            Watertight casing

            Thanks to the IPX7-rated watertight casing, you can safely rinse the toothbrush under the tap or brush your teeth while showering

              Watertight casing

              Two detachable brush heads

              The toothbrush comes complete with two brush heads, each marked with a different pictogram so that every family member know which one is theirs

                Two detachable brush heads





                Up to 46 000 vibrations/min


                DuPont, medium hardness

                Charging time

                4 hours

                • Modes

                  5 (Clean, white, sensitive, massage, gum care)

                • Timer

                  2 minutes

                • Smart reminder function


                • Operating time on full charge

                  Up to 40 days

                • Battery level indicator


                • Battery capacity

                  750 mAh

                • Watertightness


                • Package contents

                  2 x brush heads, wireless charging station

                • Compatible accessories

                  ADBTH3-5 (brush heads white), ADBTH4-6 (brush heads black), ADBTC5-6 (travel case black)

                • Article


                • Warranty

                  24 months

                • EAN


                User Manual

                Read the user manual online or download a copy

                download PDF, 1.4 MБ