Health Benefits of infrared heaters


Modern technology realises well-being advantages of infrared heaters. Beyond being safe, infrared waves find medical usage therapy and recovery procedures.

Heat is generated using infrared technology, similar to the effect of sunlight. Thus, infrared technology is the most natural and environmentally friendly way of heating.

Infrared heaters don’t blow air, don’t burn oxygen, are silent to the ear – and so AENO Premium Eco Smart Heater!

Thermal waves (which are infrared radiation) heat objects in the room, not air. Then, this heat is transferred into space due to the thermal conductivity of objects. Incidentally, the human body also naturally generates heat and absorbs infrared heat waves.

A lot of recovery practices involve the action of infrared waves. There are cases of use by physiotherapists for pain relief. Infrared heat is used in many spas and gyms.

Key benefits of infrared heaters for health are discussed in this article.

1. Strong Immunity

This type of heater emits thermal waves, absorbed by the human body. This warmth allows the natural expansion of our capillaries, which allows our organism to increase oxygen saturation of the blood and ensures regeneration of red blood, which is very effective for detoxifying vital organs. A growing number of leukocytes influences the strengthening of the human immune system.

There is an opinion that infrared radiation can be good for cancer patients. Such concentrated type of heating is currently being used to treat certain types of cancer in European countries. Cancer cells don’t like heat, so with this treatment, diseased elements either die or loosen. This makes them more receptive to conventional radiation and chemotherapy.

The general thermal effect on the human body is useful in the therapy of depressive conditions and Lyme disease.

*Heat healing must be supervised by medical personnel and often includes an infrared sauna or bodysuit.

2. Cardiovascular Health

According to NASA research, exposure to far infrared heat on the cardiovascular system has a positive effect on heart health in astronauts during spacewalks. So if this works well for astronauts with their extra physical exertion on organisms, then it works well for customers with ordinary lives, and infrared heat is good for you.

Scientists and physicians believe that  the concentrated effect of using such infrared heat can positively influence and improve the functioning of the circulatory system in patients with diabetes, high cholesterol and smokers.

3. Improve blood circulation

Exposure to infrared heat promotes the expansion of capillaries. This naturally improves blood circulation. At the same time, under the influence of infrared heat on the body, the blood supply to the muscles also improves. This provides faster wound healing and reduced muscle pain.

4. Relieve pain

According to clinical trials, infrared treatment decreases pain and stiffness in the joints. This can be used in physiotherapy to give ease of movement to the elderly and for the rehabilitation of athletes and previously injured patients.

5. Allergy Free

Traditional heating devices heat the air. As a result, hot air rises up the room along with dust and allergens contained in it.

Infrared heaters do not raise dust, do not burn oxygen and do not dry the air, maintaining the natural level of relative humidity (30-50% RH)

This is especially helpful for people with breathing problems, for whom hot, dry air creates discomfort by irritating the airways.


Health Benefits vs Safety

As it turned out, exposure to infrared waves is beneficial for human beings. But are infrared heaters safe for constant use in living rooms?

The infrared heating method used in modern heating devices is 100% safe. This has been confirmed by numerous researchers and sales of such models worldwide.

Infrared heaters generate warmth in a way similar to solar heat. At the same time, Infrared heater panels made of natural materials do not emit harmful substances and ultraviolet rays.

There are a lot of health benefits of infrared heaters that conventional central heating or other types of devices cannot provide. So buying an infrared heater for home or work-space not only saves energy and money, it also creates a healthier microclimate. This type of heaters are suitable for country houses, flats, separate rooms and offices.

Such hi-tech models as Premium Eco Smart Heater AENO can additionally provide many useful features to make life more comfortable:

  • Ultra-thin, double sided, infrared heater panel (11 mm), made of tempered glass, in minimalistic design fits in any interior;
  • Infrared heating technology ensures natural and healthy heating without noise and air blowing;
  • Smart control allows customers to operate the heating device wherever they are; 
  • Set up temperature of the infrared panel from 60 to 120 degrees Celsius for more safety and comfortable heating (for example, foot heating – keep your feet warm this winter);
  • Achieving as low as 160Wh power consumption with lower heater panel temperature at 60 degrees Celsius
  • Energy saving to reduce costs up to 50%;
  • Simple assembly of all elements and easy installation.

To read more about the features and capabilities Premium Eco Smart Heater AENO, please visit: 

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