SM2 AENO Steam Mop

Clean surfaces and eliminate up to 99% of all germs with only steam and water

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Forget about tiresome housework

Using the steam mop is quick and almost effortless. The device only takes 15 seconds to warm up. Multiple attachments make it suitable for a wide range of tasks. Glide the mop around for up to 24 minutes without refilling: the steam will do all the hard work

Eliminates up to 99% of germs

Steam temperatures of up to 130 °C will destroy bacteria, fungi or mould in just seconds




Unpleasant odours


Self-standing design

Convenient storage is important: no need to lean the mop against the wall, just leave it in the upright position

Self-standing design

Three steam intensity settings

Adjustable for any cleaning scenario: more steam for heavy soiling or a lower steam rate for delicate surfaces

Three steam intensity settings

Windows & mirrors cleaning

Just a few swipes of the squeegee, and your mirrors and windows will be as clean as new

Windows & mirrors cleaning

Vertical surfaces cleaning

Floors, walls, ceilings: efficient operation at any angle without losing steam pressure

Vertical surfaces cleaning

Head with two microfiber pads

for cleaning gentle floor coverings

    Head with two microfiber pads

    Jet nozzle

    for cleaning corners, skirting boards, gaps between tiles and other hard-to-reach areas

      Jet nozzle

      Two nylon brushes

      for removing soiling using minimal mechanical action

        Two nylon brushes

        Brass brush

        for removing stubborn soiling using mechanical action

          Brass brush


          for cleaning glass and mirror surfaces


            Crevice brush

            for cleaning tile joints

              Crevice brush


              Water tank capacity

              275 ml


              24 minutes

              Steam temperature

              up to 130 °C

              Warm-up time

              15 seconds

              • Noise level

                38 dB

              • Dry tank protection


              • Auto power-off


              • Steam output

                25 g/min

              • Steam pressure

                Up to 3 bar

              • Cord length

                5 m

              • Package contents

                Jet nozzle, brass brush, 2 x nylon brush, squeegee, 2 x microfiber pad, gap brush, refill cup

              • Compatible accessories

                ASMFM2 (floor pad)

              • Dimensions

                300 x 140 x 1140 mm

              • Weight

                1.94 kg

              • Article


              • Warranty

                24 months

              • EAN


              User Manual

              Read the user manual online or download a copy

              download PDF, 1.3 MБ